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Feeding the garden birds can give you and your family immense pleasure. It also helps to preserve many of our small songbirds, which are becoming increasingly endangered. One of the best things you can do to achieve this objective is by purchasing a bird table.

Bird tables can be found in many different sizes and styles, from traditional standing bird tables that we are all acquainted with, to ones that can be hung from trees or hooks or attached to fences if space is limited in your garden.

Read the following buying to help you in your quest for the best bird table that suits your needs and then peruse reviews of 7 of the best bird tables out there:-

Buyers Guide: Key Things to consider when buying a bird table

1. Price

Price is an important consideration when buying a bird table. The cheapest price you can expect to pay is in the region of about £30. Any less than this would net you a pretty shoddy table. If price is no object, then you might pay anything from between £100 and £200.

The very fact that you are attracting a large variety of birds to your garden is reason enough to buy a bird table, but if you can purchase a great-looking object, and remember that it is going to be in your garden for some time, then that is a bonus.

2. Type

There are essentially five types of bird table:-

Triple Platform Table –
There is one type of table of this type reviewed below, manufactured by Riverside Woodcraft and it is a premium bird table. As the name suggests, it looks like a normal table but with two extra trays on the main pole, making three bird feeding surfaces in total.

Normal Bird Table –
There are three types of these tables reviewed and by “normal”, we are simply talking about an enclosed wooden feeder tray sitting atop a central wooden pole. Two of these bird tables are in the medium price range, one has a real slate roof, and the other is a budget bird table.

Open Table –
An open bird table is one that has no shelter for the birds. Because of this any food is open to the elements, so it is important to ensure that it does not rot. There is one open bird table reviewed below, and it has a large tray. Open bird tables by their very nature are open to all birds large and small and are also prone to attack from squirrels.

Fence Mounted –
A fence mounted bird table can be mounted on a fence or alternatively on a wall. Because they do not have a central pole they are generally cheaper. A budget bird table from the Hutch Company is fence-mounted and reviewed below.

Hanging –
A hanging bird table can go anywhere you so wish as long as you have a hook to hang it from and an adequate space for it to swing freely. We review a small, stylish looking table from Wildlife World.

2. Aesthetic Quality

3. Size

4. Assembly

5. What Birds?

6. Stability

7. Durability

8. Accessories

How do we go about choosing the best bird table for our needs? The following guide should help you decide:-

Aesthetics ( How does it look? ) – We want a functional bird table that performs the job desired, but we also want it to look good – right!
Size – If it is too small the birds will fight over the meagre amount of food. According to the RSPB an area of 3-4 sq feet is ideal
Material – They are usually made of wood, but an increasing variety of metal, plastic and polycarbonate tables and feeding trays have become available in recent years. Although less appealing to the eye, they are easier to keep clean.
The post – The smoother and straighter the post, the harder it is for cats and the dreaded squirrels to climb. Rustic ones with knobbles should be avoided.


We have talked about what to look for in a bird table and also about how to maintain its integrity for the benefit of our feathered friends. Now we must get down to the nitty-gritty of buying one. Here are some of the best bird tables available today:-




1. Triple Platform Bird Table


This table is manufactured by Riverside Woodcraft and is in the premium price range with its triple platform feeding arrangement. It is a large bird table coming in at nearly six feet tall with an upper feed tray of 4 sq ft. It has 2 lower feeding trays and is very chunkily built with a robust 3-inch thick post.

Unfortunately, this table does nothing to deter larger birds such as pigeons, and any squirrels in the area will be able to obtain feed from it. There is no chance that this will blow over in the wind due to its sturdiness. Purchasers note how easy it is to clean and assemble ( takes about 15-min.)


Easy assembly
Very sturdy construction


High cost
Inability to deter larger birds and squirrels


Manufacturer: Riverside Woodcraft
Improved design to give better stability
Height: 1.8m
Table Dimensions: 60 x 58cm


2. The Hutch Company Bird Table with Anti Bacterial Coating

This bird table from the Hutch company is a stylish-looking table with a hexagonal slate effect roof. It stands nearly six feet tall and is made in Great Britain from sustainable forests where two trees are planted for every one cut down.

The table comes in three parts and is very easy to assemble. A great feature of this bird table are its twist out feet which make it more stable in high winds.


Easy assembly
Very sturdy construction
Stylish hexagonal slate-effect roof
Twist out feet for extra stability in high winds
Anti-bacterial coating


Medium-High cost
Inability to deter larger birds and squirrels


Manufacturer: Hutch Company
Improved design to give better stability
Height: 1.7 m



3. Gothic Slate Roof Bird Table


The Gothic Slate Roof bird table is another table manufactured by Riverside Woodcraft. It is built of solid timber throughout with a fashionable slate roof design. It stands nearly six feet tall with a 2-inch thick post but has a smaller size feeding tray ( just above 1 sq ft.)

This is a more expensive bird table, the extra cost probably being due to the slate roof and spooky gothic design. This table arrives in 2 boxes with the roof fully assembled.



Medium cost


Manufacturer: Riverside Woodcraft
Solid timber
Comes in 2 boxes
Height: 1.73m
Material: European softwood
Table dimensions:35x33cm

4. Riverside Woodcraft Open Bird Table Large With Anti Bacteria Coating


This bird table is made by Riverside Woodcraft and is the only open table reviewed on this page. It is of solid wood (European redwood with colour-rich coating) construction with an anti-bacterial coating and stands 1.3 m tall.

Its feeding table is large with dimensions of 39 x 39 cm. This is an open bird table and as such, it can feed larger birds and, of course, any squirrels that are roaming around. Being open to the elements, it is best used in nice weather and any seed will start to rot in damp conditions.

The wooden panel surround of the feeding table is rounded offering a comfortable landing perch. A metal plate is attached to the outside panel emblazoned with the Riverside Woodcraft logo.




5. The Hutch Company – Garden Bird Table – 46″


This garden bird table from The Hutch Company is at the low end of the market as far as cost is concerned. It is chunkily built with a solid 3-inch thick post, is five-feet tall and has a pretty large feeding tray.

The whole thing can be put together pretty easily within about half an hour, but the wood quality is not the best. Still, what can you expect from a product that is so cheap?


Low cost




6. Hove Fence Wall Mounted Bird Table | Space Saving Wall Mounted Bird Feeder

This bird table from the Hutch Company has a unique selling point in that it is designed to be mounted on a fence or wall to save space. There are holes in the upright support that can be screwed onto a fence post or even a concrete surface.

It is handbuilt and made from heavy-duty construction timber and has a felt roof with a food tray that allows water to fall off. Like most of the tables on this page, it has an anti-bacterial Coating.




Manufacturer: The Hutch Company
Heavy duty
Felt roof
Anti-bacterial coating
Height: 1.5m
Table Dimensions: 45 x 45cm



7. Wildlife World Bempton Bird Table

Another bird table with a unique selling point. Of solid timber construction, this bird table is designed to be hung from wherever you so desire. Despite its delicate look, it can be left out all year round and is very easy to clean and maintain.

According to the manufacturer, the delicate design and size of openings on this bird table make it a very safe haven for the smaller birds to feed, keeping other larger species such as crows and pigeons at bay. Sparrow hawks also find it harder to target the smaller birds than if it were an open bird table.




Bird Table Hygiene

Once you have bought your bird table there are a few things you can do to make sure that your birds are fed in a hygienic manner:

Make sure that your bird table is cleaned regularly and never allow old food to accumulate as bacteria left by sick birds can start an outbreak of disease.

Scrub the table with a mild disinfectant solution every few weeks and move the table from time to time to stop the accumulation of droppings underneath.

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