Reviews of the Best Bird Feeders/Tube/Squirrel-Proof/Lantern/Hopper 2021 UK

Choosing a Tube Feeder

Tube feeders are hanging feeders that allow birds to feed through screens or ports. This arrangement keeps the seed fairly protected from the rain.

Tube feeders have small perches that perching birds are attracted to. One advantageĀ of a tube feeder is that it attracts the smaller bird species and prevents competition from larger birds. Some models have perches designed for birds that can feed upside down, encouraging birds such as goldfinches.

One note of caution about tube feeders is that you need to make sure that unused seed does not sit in the bottom of the feeder and rot – it should be cleaned out regularly.

Here are reviews of some excellent tube feeders that you may wish to purchase:-

Gardman Wild Bird Heavy Duty Seed Feeder


Manufacturer: Gardman
2 ports
Robust construction using die-cast alloy, stainless steel and polycarbonate
Easy to fill and clean
Can be used with a variety of accessories
Weight: 458g
Dimensions: 14.5 x 10 x 29 cm

The Gardman Heavy Duty Bird Seed Feeder has a nice contemporary design and should look good in any garden. It is of a robust construction using die-cast alloy, stainless steel and polycarbonate. This feeder has 2 ports but a 4 port Gardman feeder is also available.

This feeder is easy to fill and clean and can be disassembled using the allen key provided. Its feed capacity is 420g. There are cheaper versions available of this feeder size, but it is a very solid design and should last for a long time.


Heavy Duty Roll-Top 4-port Seed Feeder

Manufacturer: Tom Chambers
4 Feeding Ports
Weight: 640g
Suitable for Bird Seed, and Sunflower Hearts
Heavy Duty
Easy Fill Swivel Top Lid

Tom Chambers make some excellent bird feeding equipment and this is no exception. This heavy-duty bird feeder has a swivel top lid for easy filling, made of strong cast aluminium to prevent rusting
and finished with a nice powdered coating.

With 4 ports and bigger than normal perches many purchasers have remarked that it attracts some birds that do not normally frequent these types of feeder such as Goldfinches and Robins. Overall,
a great robust high capacity feeder with virtually no negative aspects.


Gardman Heavy Duty Peanut Feeder

Manufacturer: Gardman
Durable all-metal feeder
Polished Die-cast Aluminium
Disassembles easily for easy cleaning
Capacity: 270g of peanuts
ideal for hanging around the garden or from a feeding station
Dimensions: 13.5 x 10 x 30 cm
Weight: 395 g

This time we have a peanut feeder from the reliable Gardman company. This is a nice looking peanut feeder. It is made of polished die-cast aluminium, so it certainly is a shiny article. It is 30cm in length, holds 270g of peanuts and comes apart easily for cleaning.

There is some variability in one aspect of this product; some purchasers note that it rusted all too easily, but this opinion is not universal and disputed by some buyers. Overall, a sturdy peanut feeder but with some caveats.

Kingfisher Large Deluxe Seed Feeder

Manufacturer: Bonnington Plastics
Large Bird feeder
4 ports
Silver coloured durable plastic feeder
Height: 36cm
Deluxe seed feeder

The Kingfisher Deluxe seed feeder made by Bonnington plastics is one of the best sellers and is also a very reasonably priced article. One note of caution must be borne in mind: the feeder looks metallic, but is actually made of very durable silver coloured plastic. If you have a squirrel problem, this may make you pause for thought as squirrels can chew through some pretty tough materials.

The feeder is 36cm tall, so has a good capacity and most people seemed reasonably pleased with their purchase. An attractive feeder – probably worth trying.

Black Steel Sunflower Hearts Feeder


Manufacturer: Gardman
Durable all-metal feeder
Removable top and base for easy cleaning
Feedsafe biocidal coating
Height: 27cm
Capacity: Holds 450g of Sunflower hearts

This is a lovely little bird feeder made by the reliable Gardman company. This has a different design to most tube feeders featuring perches and holes in the side of the tube to extricate the seed. A nice sturdy tube feeder, made of metal, with an easy to remove top with a twist action.

This product has a hygienic biocide coating and a substantial capacity of 450g of sunflower hearts. Purchasers of this product note that it takes some time for the smaller birds to get used to it but once they do, they love it! Its design keeps the larger birds from feeding from it, and its sombrero hat shaped roof keeps the seed dry.


RSPB Premium Easy Clean Nyjer Seed Feeder

Manufacturer: RSPB Sales LtdĀ 
Easy to clean
2 ports
Capacity approximately 280g
UV-stabilised polycarbonate tubing with aluminium alloy fittings

This is a nice robust Nyjer seed feeder made by the RSPB and any profits made by this purchase will go directly to bird protection. It is easy to clean, has 2 ports and is made of very
tough ultraviolet polycarbonate tubing with metal fittings.

This feeder is specifically designed for smaller seed like Nyjer, the opening into the seed mix being 1.5cm by 0.5 cm, which gives the chance for smaller birds to get their beak in
without allowing the smaller seeds to overflow. To clean, the perches are unscrewed and the whole thing just pulls apart. Many purchasers agree that this is a very robust feeder and definitely
one which will feed the smaller birds.