Reviews of the Best Long-Handled Weeding Tools

There are two basic styles of weeding tool – short-handled and long-handled. Short-handled tools are best for working on your knees in tight, closely planted areas – but they can be hard on your back. Long-handled tools allow you to stand while weeding and allow you to cover a larger area – they are also much more forgiving on your back.

Here are some of the best long-handled tools:-

Fiskars Light Weed Puller

Manufacturer: Fiskars
Material: Aluminium
Hardened steel blades
Lightweight pedal design
Weight: 900g
Length: 90cm

The Fiskars Light weed puller is a lightweight tool ( only 900 grams ) composed of aluminium and designed to pull weeds from soft or normal soil conditions. It is operated in an upright position so that back and muscle strain is reduced to a minimum. Fiskars has worked hard to produce an ergonomic design and this model is even more friendly than the last.

This weed puller is recommended to be used to remove dandelions, thistles and other weeds without needing to kneel or bend. You simply push the four hardened steel claws through the weed by using its lightweight pedal. The weed is then pulled out by using the foot pedal as leverage. The release handle is slid down to release the weed. This is a strong and robust weed puller and is a great tool if you suffer from back or knee problems.

Grampas Weeder


Manufacturer: Grampas Weeder
Material: Ash wood
Rustproof 2.5-inch iron prongs
Length: 1.2m

This weed puller was invented by a man with a bad back way back in 1913 in Seattle. Its simple design allows you to pull weeds and their roots out without any onerous bending, kneeling, or even pulling. Made of ash wood with rustproof steel prongs, it is a wonderfully robust utensil.

This tools operation is so simplistic; it is centred over a weed pressed into the ground and then leant over – bingo, the weed is gone. Many users agree that this tool is a godsend for people with dodgy knees or bad backs. It is also mentioned by quite a few people how robust a design it is when compared to the more technologically complex Fiskars weed puller. Grampa certainly knew what he was doing when he invented this contraption!


WOLF-Garten RFM 15 Multi-Change Dutch Hoe


Manufacturer: Wolf-Garten
10-year guarantee
Weight: 1.5Kg
Width of Head: 15cm

It needs to be noted that this product is meant to be used with the Wolf-Garten Lightweight Aluminium handle which also must be purchased to use this Dutch Hoe. The Lightweight handle
can be used with many Wolf-Garten tool heads – which can be swapped at the push of a button. This Wolf-Garten Dutch Hoe is made from the best quality steel, coated with anti-rust chrome.

Dutch Hoes are also known as push-pull weeders and are great for weeding between plants and vegetables. This tool has a wavy edged blade which cuts through weeds on the push and pull
stroke. This product is rated very highly by many purchasers with few exceptions.


Hozelock Wonderweeder


Manufacturer: Hozelock Ltd
Works on hard surfaces only
Capacity: 300ml
Weight: 270g
Length: 1m
Capacity: 300ml of weed killer
Material: Plastic

The Hozelock Wonderweeder is advertised as Simply Fill and spray. This product is perfect for spot weeding and has some advantages over a traditional sprayer as it is lightweight, so there is no need to bend down, and you do not have to carry a hefty tub of weed killer around with you as you simply fill the 300ml capacity plastic tube with the herbicide of your choice. The tube is graduated for easy measurement and the weed killer is dispensed by pushing down the handle.

A negative of this weeder is that it only works on hard surfaces as the herbicide is dispensed by force applied to the nozzle. It affords accurate spraying via the nozzle located within the protective cone. Accidental spraying of surrounding plants is thus avoided, a common problem with traditional sprayers. The 1 metre length enables the treatment of weeds in hard to reach areas and an easy-to-twist safety lock mechanism offers peace of mind. This is a cheap product, but many buyers comment that it is hard to kill really large weeds with this device.

Hozelock Green Power Thermal Weeder


Manufacturer: Hozelock Ltd
Weight: 1.27Kg
Length: 1.1m
Cable Length: 3m

The Hozelock Green Thermal Weeder makes it possible to do the weeding in an upright position and in a very <b>Green</b> way as this product uses no herbicide chemicals. It is electrically powered, coming with a 3-metre cable, and destroys weeds with a 600-degree thermal shock. As no chemicals are involved, there is no need to keep pets and children away following treatment.



DeWit Corkscrew Weeder with Long Handle



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