Reviews of the Best Lantern Bird feeders

What type of bird seed feeder you put into your garden is often more of a choice made through a consideration of the aesthetics than it is of the practicalities. If you like the look of the standard tube feeders

Kingfisher Deluxe Lantern Nut Feeder


Manufacturer: Kingfisher
Weight: 962g
Dimensions: 18.8 x 18.8 x 46.5 cm
Capacity: 480g of nuts
Drain Holes 
Hanging loop

The Kingfisher Deluxe Lantern nut feeder has a nice stylish pewter effect and is designed to hold 480g of nuts. It has a strong wire that is hooked so that it can be hanged from a bird feeding station or a tree.

It is made of steel, so it is strong and very easy to clean. Its design makes it easy to refill. Some customers have commented that squirrels can gnaw through the wire but most reviews are very positive.


Hanging lantern Bird Seed and Nut Feeder ( green )

Manufacturer: Garland
Dimensions: 20.8 x 20.2 x 19.41 cm
Item weight: 222g
Durable plastic
Use with seeds and nuts
Swivel-top refill
Domed top

This is a nicely designed lantern bird feeder made of strong durable plastic. It has an all-round perch for easy feeding and a sloping roof which helps to keep the bird seed dry.

Most purchasers agree that its design keeps the food dry in the hopper, if not in the tray which can sometimes clog up when the rain is strong. Not squirrel-proof but then few feeders are!

Happy Beaks Kingfisher Hanging Bird Feeder Easy Fill Peanut Nut Pewter Lantern for Small Birds

Manufacturer: Happy Beaks



Supa Lantern Seed Feeder

Manufacturer: Supa


 Kingfisher Mini Lantern Seed Feeder

Opus [Perky-Pet] Birds and Berries Lantern Feeder – Hanging Wild Bird Feeder for the Garden – Holds 1.1 kg of Seed & Keeps Squirrels Out #363


Manufacturer: Opus


Opus [Perky-Pet] GL00323 Lantern Forest Wild Bird Feeder, Green, 27.43×5.84×35.31 cm