Reviews of the Best Hedgehog Houses


Hedgehog numbers are declining at a frightening rate in the United Kingdom. According to the BTO ( The British Trust for Ornithology ) their numbers have declined by between 25% and 40% in the last decade. In the 1950s it has been estimated that the hedgehog population was roughly 30 million. Compare that with the present day estimate of around 1 million and you can see how worrisome the decline is. There is some good news – and that is that your garden could provide them with a
well-needed lifeline

Make your garden a hedgehog-friendly place and you have the pleasure of watching them go about their daily, or should that be nightly, business.

So, we must start by attracting hedgehogs to our garden. The hedgehogs, of course, must be able to gain access. You could start helping them by digging a small tunnel under the fence or by simply making a small hole in the fence. Hedgehogs need to drink and feed, so leave a shallow bowl of water close by and perhaps some dried worms ( I have always found that the hedgehogs love them .)

Now that the hedgehogs have realised that your garden is safe and well-stocked with food and water you might want to treat them with a hedgehog house. Go for a wooden hedgehog house, as these are usually recommended by wildlife charities. Although better value, metal framed houses can expose the hedgehogs to sharp edges if you are not careful. If you do go for a wooden hedgehog house make sure that it is not plywood. These will rot very quickly and can leave the hedgehogs vulnerable to predators and fungal infections. The following are my top recommended buys:-

Wildlife World Hogilow Hedgehog Home ( Featured On Autumn Watch )


Manufacturer: Wildlife World
Manufactured from durable FSC timber and recycled plastic
Wooden interior and condensation prevention
Easy swivel lid
large inspection chamber and cleaning hatch
Predator resistant entrance
Dimensions: 50 x 39 x 23 cm
Weight: 3.85kg

The Hogilow hedgehog habitat house was featured on the BBC program Autumn Watch. It is a nesting and breeding box for hedgehogs, but it may also be used as a sheltered feeding area if you prefer. This is a premium and has been designed with the guidance of the Hedgehog society.

It has been manufactured using recycled plastic from agricultural waste. The roof has a swivel top which makes it easy for inspection and cleaning. Its sides contain breathing holes and the whole apparatus has raised feet for ground elevation, preventing rot. It is garden strimmer proof and has a maze-style entrance to prevent invasion by predators.


Wildlife World Hedgehog Care Pack


Manufacturer: Wildlife World
Dimensions: 20cm high, 40cm wide and 47cm long
Helps protect Hedgehogs from predators
Easy to install and maintain
Complete Hedgehog care pack
Contains Hedgehog House, hedgehog guide and 100g tray of Spikes Meaty Feast Hedgehog food

The Hedgehog care pack contains a hedgehog shelter a hedgehog care guide and 100g of hedgehog food. The hedgehog house is made from a sturdy coated steel frame with a water-resistant felt
roof with a very natural brushwood finish. It has a narrow entrance providing a deterrent from predators. The house can also be further camouflaged by other foliage and twigs. This house is at the lower end of the range but is great value for money.

Many buyers are surprised by its sturdy construction and natural look. Also included is the fold out laminated hedgehog guide. This contains hedgehog facts, health, care and feeding.
A percentage of the sales go to the British Hedgehog Preservation Society, so you are directly benefiting hedgehogs.


CKB Hedgehog House


Manufacturer: CKB Ltd
Made with FSC spruce
Dimensions: 20 x 40 x 33cm

This is a wonderful little hedgehog house. It has a unique aesthetic wooden design, and features a wooden doorway, roof and floor. It is made of FSC spruce which must be left untreated as paint chemicals can be harmful to hedgehogs.

This model is at the more premium end of the market, but its inherent sturdiness should ensure that the hedgehogs get many years of use from it.


Hedgehog House / Golden Brown


Manufacturer: Riverside Woodcraft
Weatherproof insulated solid composite roof, hinged with lock
Solid wood construction, recycled slate-covered entrance, resin bonded floor
Much more roomy than the last model
Helps protect Hedgehogs from predators
Dimensions: Length 58cm, Depth 56cm, Height 23 cm

This is the latest design from Riverside Woodcraft and it is a lot more roomy than the last model. It is of solid wood construction and has a slate-covered entrance and resin bonded floor. The roof is hinged and can be locked shut.

The hedgehogs should really love this house as it is so roomy. A top-end product but well worth the money if the feedback is anything to go by and made of top quality materials.


Hedgehog House by Riverside Woodcraft


Manufacturer: Riverside Woodcraft
Made from recycled plastic
Dimensions: 42cm long, 34cm wide, 24cm high

This is a robust and solidly built hedgehog house held together by woodscrews. It has an 18mm weatherproof and insulated roof made from solid recycled plastic and hinged with a lock for cleaning and inspection. It has solid wooden sides with a waterproof and rot-proof floor making it suitable for hibernating hedgehogs.

This house, a premium product, has a very good reputation with most of its purchasers and it looks pretty good too.

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