Reviews of the Best Garden Sprinklers

If you want to maintain a luscious and green healthy looking lawn and a beautiful looking garden, the purchase of a good functional garden sprinkler could make all the difference. The United Kingdom has a pretty wet climate, but there are times when that brown matted mess could do with a pick-me-up.

Choosing the Right Garden Sprinkler

The sprinklers reviewed on this page are of the following four types:

Oscillating Sprinkler – This type of sprinkler has a row of nozzles in a line which rotates back and forth through 180 degrees to spray the lawn in a rectangular pattern. Usually, the length and width of this rectangle can be adjusted in the more versatile models, but some models can only be adjusted in width and not length.

Impact Sprinkler – An Impact Sprinkler ( often called an impulse sprinkler ) is a sprinkler in which the sprinkler head is driven to move in a circular motion by the force of the outgoing water. It pivots on a bearing on top of its threaded attachment nut.

Rotating Arm Sprinkler – This works in the way you would expect it to. Projecting arms ( sometimes two, sometimes three ) move in a circular pattern spraying, of course, circularly.

Simple Pattern Sprinkler – This is the simplest type of garden sprinkler you can buy. The water goes into a circular disc and the pattern of spray is selected by twisting the disc. Examples of the patterns available are circle, semicircle, mist, large circle and semicircle.

The following 7 garden sprinklers are amongst some of the best on the market at the moment. Choose one based on the size of your garden and your budget. After these reviews, we discuss how to
optimise your garden sprinkler for maximum efficiency:-

Gardena Oscillating Sprinkler ZoomMaxx


Manufacturer: Gardena
Fine filter system – protection against dirt
Sturdy foot
Rectangular coverage – fully adjustable
Weight: 1.5kg

The Gardena oscillating sprinkler is described in the blurb as a compact rectangular sprinkler for small and medium-sized areas. It works on large broad areas or long narrow areas. With its stable footing and 1.5kg weight, it can be fixed on up to 15% inclines. This is a very versatile sprinkler which has two adjustment controls ( range from 3 to 18m and width from 3 to 12m ) and is at the premium end of the market.

The product boasts an integrated filter system which protects against sand and dirt – the filter being easy to remove and clean. The sprinkler is nice and compact and very easy to use and adjust as many purchasers of this product attest to.


Quantum Garden – Compact oscillating sprinkler – Black Line

Manufacturer: Quantum garden
16 nozzles
Needle plug for cleaning
Simple range adjustment

The Quantum garden compact oscillating sprinkler is the second of 3 oscillating sprinklers on this review page and is the cheapest, coming in at the medium price level. This oscillating sprinkler has 16 holes in a single line, and can be range adjusted but not width adjusted like the Gardena sprinkler reviewed above.

The sprinkler is described as one with a flexible construction and one which will not break when stepped on – a claim which is not contradicted by purchasers of the product. The package also contains a needle plug for cleaning. Overall, this is a good oscillating sprinkler, but if you want a more versatile oscillating sprinkler you may wish to purchase one of the other sprinklers of this type reviewed on this page.


Hozelock Round Sprinkler


Manufacturer: Hozelock
8 jets
Weight: 100g

The Hozelock Round Sprinkler is described as a high performance, twin arm spike sprinkler. It has 8 jets on two arms designed to efficiently water your garden with an even coating. It has a range of 8m but this, of course, depends on your water pressure. It has a nice easy design, you simply push it into the ground and connect a female hose end connector.

This product is similar in versatility as the Calish arm sprinkler, which is an arm sprinkler attached to a base. This sprinkler sprays up to 8m, and the range can be adjusted by
simply turning the tap. A nice cheap and easy sprinkler from a well-established manufacturer – what could possibly go wrong?


Calish 3 Arm Round Lawn Sprinkler

 Manufacturer: Calish
Fully adjustable
Sturdy ABS material
Weight: 181g
1-year guarantee

The second rotating arm sprinkler is manufactured by Calish has 3 rotating arms, which can be adjusted for the desired spraying angle and swivel speed to ensure optimum coverage. The Calish
sprinkler has two swivels speeds depending on how you wish to water your garden. With normal water pressure, this sprinkler sprays up to 10m.

It is made from high-quality ABS materials to ensure constant use. An internal thread allows tight sealing. Overall, this is a very versatile sprinkler with some great reviews.


Silverline 8-Pattern Dial Sprinkler, 140 mm Diameter


Manufacturer: Silverline
8 spray patterns
Weight: 154g

The first thing you will notice about the Silverline model is how basic a model it is compared to the other sprinklers on this page. It is a pattern dial sprinkler with 8 settings ( Single, double jet spray, small circle mist and spray,Large circle mist, spray, small semi-circle and large semi-circle ). Although it depends on your water pressure, this sprinkler will generally cover areas of 9 square metres in a circular pattern, so you will have to move it to cover larger areas.

The item is made of durable plastic with a 1/2-inch male connector. The different spray patterns are not particularly useful, but many purchasers note how good value it is for the money. It
is lightweight at only 150g, and many people may wish to pay more money for a more solid and versatile unit.


Metal Base, Pro Oscillating Bar Lawn Sprinkler


Manufacturer: Costwise
Fully adjustable

The third oscillating sprinkler to be reviewed on this page is manufactured by Costwise, not a manufacturer you may have heard, but this product has so many great features and is well thought of by its purchasers, so it is worth considering. It is at the top-end of the market like the Gardena oscillating sprinkler.

This sprinkler is very solid and has a nice sturdy metal base. It is good for large gardens and has great use of use due to its versatility in directing its water jets – small areas can be catered to as well as large areas. A nozzle cleaning tool is included as a final touch. In summary, a good sprinkler that does the job from a company not normally associated with gardening products.


Greenkey Metal Base Pulsating ( Impact ) Sprinkler


Manufacturer: Greenkey
Alloy base with paint finish
Brass connector & zinc head
2 bar pressure needed for optimum performance
13m range (radius of circle )
2-year guarantee

Finally, we have an impulse pulsating sprinkler from Greenkey. This sprinkler has a durable metal base ( paint finished ) with a zinc pulsating spray head and brass hose connector. This sprinkler is great for watering large areas and it gives a range or radius of up to 13m depending on your water pressure ( 2 bar water pressure is considered optimal for correct use ). It has a fully adjustable spray pattern with 360-degree coverage.

A few purchasers have complained about the lack of coverage. It must be noted that this sprinkler needs higher water pressures than other sprinklers and the adjustments that need to be made can be quite fiddly. A top-end of the range sprinkler.


Testing your sprinkler ( Lawn Irrigation ) System

It will be very useful to test how efficiently your sprinkler system, whatever that may be, is watering the area you wish to be irrigated. One of the best ways of doing this is by performing a simple can test. You take some cans with vertical walls and flat bottoms and place them at different distances from the sprinkler head ( It is important that the cans are horizontal). With this simple set-up you can test how evenly and how quickly the water is being distributed on your lawn and garden.

After the cans are positioned, run your sprinkler for about 15 minutes and measure the quantity of water in each can by measuring it with a ruler. Has the sprinkler covered the area consistently? If not you may have to make some adjustments on the sprinkler. Measure the can with the least amount of water and you will have a very good idea of how long you will need to run your sprinkler to get the right amount of water.

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