Reviews of the Best Garden Incinerators

If you have some garden waste to get rid of, a bonfire is probably not the best solution. If you do try to get rid of waste with a bonfire, you will not only leave an annoying patch of scorched earth but you will also discover that garden bonfires are not particularly effective.

You need to find something that will incinerate your garden waste without causing a smoke hazard in your neighbourhood.

The easy way is to buy yourself a garden waste incinerator. These small-scale incinerators burn efficiently at high temperatures making them a very effective way of getting rid of your
garden rubbish.

They can be used to burn allotment waste, leaves, branches, clippings, paper and other non-poisonous types of waste.

Buying a Good Garden Waste Incinerator

A good garden incinerator needs to strong and durable; flimsy ones will simply not last that long. They should be made out of galvanised steel to protect them against rust. They should be kept indoors as even galvanised incinerators will tend to rust if left out in the rain.

An efficient incinerator needs to have a good circulation of oxygen so that the waste will combust properly. This is achieved by the incinerator having holes on its outside. The best incinerators
usually have a lid with a chimney, letting the smoke escape but retaining the heat.

Garden Incinerator Laws

It’s a common misconception that burning waste in your garden is against the law. In fact there are no specific laws in the UK that prevent you from burning waste in your garden. The only way you will draw ire from your local council is by burning something that you should not, or by causing a nuisance. A nuisance is considered to be a situation that happens regularly causing a problem for your neighbours. If a neighbour should complain about the use of a garden incinerator, then the council may pay you a visit to assess whether it is a statutory nuisance.

In the unlikely event of your garden incinerator causing a statutory nuisance, an abatement notice may be served to you. The council may order you to stop using a garden incinerator, or they may simply limit its use, perhaps to certain times of the day.

Here are reviews of the three best garden incinerators available. Two are made of galvanised steel and they range from the very small to the very large:-

Large 90L Galvanised Steel Incinerator + Free Shovel


Manufacturer: S&MC Gardenware
Capacity: 90 Litre
Material: Metal
Dimensions: 90 x 50 x 50 cm

This is a Uk made galvanised steel garden incinerator which sits at the mid-range of the market. It has a large 90 litres capacity which should be large enough for most gardens. Both the lid and the bin has a handle for easy handling.

Overall, this is a decent incinerator which few buyers have a problem with, and which should be robust enough to last as long as it is handled with care. A shovel is provided to scoop out the residue left after burning.

Very Large 210 Litre Garden Incinerator – with Lid

Manufacturer: Keto Plastics
Material: Strong steel
Dimensions: 57cm dia x 97cm high.
Capacity: 210 litres
Comes in various colours

This is one of the largest garden incinerators that you can get. Made by Keto Plastics, it has a huge capacity of 210 litres which means that you can put more garden waste into it and leave it to do its business. This incinerator is manufactured from old drums that were used to transport food.
It is made from strong steel and has 4 holes pre-drilled in its side, so you may wish to drill some more holes in its side to make it burn more efficiently. This incinerator comes in random colours due to its original use, so it will be interesting to see which colour will be delivered to your door.

Mini Garden Incinerator Galvanised 15 Litre

Manufacturer: Keto Plastics
Material: Galvanised steel
Capacity: 15 litres
Dimensions: 33cm dia x 45cm high


Finally, we have a dinky looking model from Keto Plastics. This garden incinerator has a capacity of 15 litres. It is made from galvanised steel and like the 90 litre model from S&MC Gardenware has handles on the lid and bin.

This is a very basic garden incinerator but because of its compact size, it is a very robust and tough one. This is a good little model that is ideal for those with smaller gardens but who are very assiduous in keeping them spick and span.


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