Reviews of the Best Garden Incinerators

If you have some garden waste to get rid of, a bonfire is probably not the best solution. If you do try to get rid of waste with a bonfire, you will not only leave an annoying patch of scorched earth but you will also discover that garden bonfires are not particularly effective.

You need to find something that will incinerate your garden waste without causing a smoke hazard in your neighbourhood.

Garden Incinerator Laws

Its a common misconception that burning waste in your garden is against the law. In fact there are no specific laws in the UK that prevent you from burning waste in your garden. The only way you will draw ire from your local council is by burning something that you should not, or by causing a nuisance. A nuisance is considered to be a situation that happens regularly causing a problem for your neighbours. If a neighbour should complain about the use of a garden incinerator, then the council may pay you a visit to assess whether it is a statutory nuisance.

In the unlikely event of your garden incinerator causing a statutory nuisance, an abatement notice may be served to you. The council may order you to stop using a garden incinerator, or they may simply limit its use, perhaps to certain times of the day.

Large 90L Galvanised Steel Incinerator + Free Shovel

  • Manufacturer: S&MC Gardenware
  • Cost: Medium
  • Capacity: 90 Litre
  • Very Large 210 Litre Garden Incinerator - with Lid

  • Manufacturer: Keto Plastics
  • Cost: Premium
  • Capacity: 210 litres
  • Mini Garden Incinerator Galvanised 15 Litre

  • Manufacturer: Keto Plastics
  • Cost: Low
  • Capacity: 15 litres
  • CrazyGadget 90 Litre 90L Extra Large Galvanised Metal Incinerator Fire Burning Bin with Special Locking Lid

  • Manufacturer: CrazyGadget
  • Cost: Medium
  • Capacity: 90 litres