Reviews of the Best Bird Baths

By putting a bird bath in your garden, you will be providing birds with a place to bathe and a place to drink. It is good if you have more than one location for the birds to drink from; some small birds are nervous of the larger birds surrounding a bird bath, for instance. So a good place to provide drinking water is as part of a bird feeding station in a bowl on the main feeding station pole. Another alternative is to provide two bird baths; a main one for the larger birds and a small one for the smaller species.

A good bird bath should have a sturdy construction, but make sure that when it comes to cleaning and refilling your task is an easy one.

According to the RSPB it is important to remember the following bullet points when buying a bird bath:-

  • It should have shallow sloping sides
  • The depth of the water should be between 1 and 4 inches deep so that you attract different species
  • Make sure the bird bath surface is rough, so birds can grip it with their claws, and not slip
  • Make sure your bird bath is big enough as vigorous bathing of a flock of starlings can use up a lot of water
  • The bird baths featured on this page will satisfy all the above criteria, so rest assured that the birds will be well catered for!

    Once you have bought your brand spanking new bird bath you need to ask yourself the question where shall i put it? The position of your bird bath is very important. The birds need to fell safe when they use it. Birds enjoy bathing so much that they become pre-occupied by it and are thus more vulnerable than at other times.

    Make sure birds have clear visibility as they bathe, with bushes or trees nearby to provide cover if alarmed. Make sure that cats cannot use the cover to attack bathing birds. You can do this by placing a thick layer of clippings from thorny vegetation, such as rose or pyracantha, beneath the bushes. Experiment with different positions for the bath and try to find the most popular site.

    Detailed below are reviews of some of the best bird baths available today:-

    RSPB Bronze Bird Bath

  • Manufacturer: RSPB Sales Ltd
  • Cost: Low
  • Material: lightweight weatherproof resin
  • Shallow dish (7cm) for bird safety
  • Easy to clean and supplied with ground pegs
  • 100% of RSPB profits help save birds and wildlife
  • Dish Depth : 7cm
  • Height: 70cm
  • Width: 50cm
  • The RSPB bronze bird bath is made from lightweight weatherproof resin and has a very attractive bronze finish. It is easy to clean and has a shallow dish for bird safety. It comes in 3 parts and is easy to assemble requiring no tools. This product is supplied with ground pegs as its lightweight structure has a tendency to blow over in strong winds.

    If you want a very simple bird bath with no fuss and do not want to part with too much of your hard-earned cash then this product make be the one for you. Remember, also, that all the profits of this product go directly to the RSPB to help protect birds and wildlife.

    Marko Gardening Bird Bath Traditional Ornamental Pedestal Outdoor Garden Water Bronze & Stone (Stone)

  • Manufacturer: Marko Gardening
  • Cost: Low
  • Easy Assembly - No Tools Required
  • Includes 3 Ground Pegs for added stability
  • Tough and durable resin
  • 2 Finishes - Stone and Bronze
  • Dish Depth : 7cm
  • Height: 72cm
  • Basin Diameter: 50cm
  • This Marko bird bath is virtually a carbon-copy of the preceding one. It is made of the same type of weatherproof resin, has a similar shape, is easy to clean, easy to assemble and also comes with pegs for stability in windy conditions. You can usually purchase it at a slightly cheaper price and it comes in two finishes - bronze and stone.

    Unfortunately, none of the profits from this product go to a wildlife charity, but then you can never have everything.

    Wildlife World Echo Bird Bath with Stand

  • Manufacturer: Wildlife World
  • Cost: Medium
  • Made From Hi Fired Ceramic
  • Easy To Clean
  • Ridged Bowl To Stop Birds Slipping
  • Height: 40cm
  • Basin Diameter: 30cm
  • Weight:2.25 Kg
  • The Echo bird bath with stand is one of the best selling designs, which is not surprising when you see its beautiful look. It is made from frost-resistant mottled green glazed terracotta with a quote by the poet William Blake 'To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour' around its unglazed rim. It comes in 2 easy fitting parts - a basin and pedestal.

    The bath has a ripple step design inside the basin which is not only a very attractive feature but also a functional one as it provides extra grip for wild birds. It is a short bath being only 40 cm high and also has a correspondingly small basin diameter of 30cm. This is more than offset by its wonderful design.

    Twin Cherubs Bird Bath Feeder Hand Cast Stone Garden Ornament Angel

  • Manufacturer: World of Stone
  • Cost: Medium
  • High Quality
  • Unique Aged Finish
  • Custom And Handmade
  • Weatherproof / Frost Protected
  • Solid Stone Cast
  • Weight: 27Kg
  • Height: 64cm
  • This is a stupendous looking birdbath. The pedestal depicts two cherubs and it has a unique aged finish which gives it a really authentic look. Made of solid cast stone ( not plastic or hollow ) by World of Stone, a company with 10 years experience. Its weight, 27Kg, should ensure that this product has no chance of blowing over in the wind.

    The bath comes in 2 easy interlocking pieces, is weatherproof and frost proof, and is reasonably priced despite its quite literally weighty appearance and feel.

    Wednesbury Birdbath And Sundial Cast Stone

  • Manufacturer: Garden Sculptures & Ornaments
  • Cost: Premium
  • Shallow depth dish
  • Frost Proof
  • Brass Dial
  • Height: 67cm ( 27-inch )
  • Weight: 50cm ( 20-inch )
  • Comes in three unfixed parts
  • The Wednesbury bird bath and sundial is at the premium end of the market and you certainly get what you pay for. It is a great addition to any garden and will look magnificent once put in place. It comes in three parts which the company advises should be bonded together by outside mastic to add further stability.

    The bath is made of frost-proof cast stone and comes with a wonderful brass sundial making it a stunning focal point in any garden.

    Umbrella Duck Family Birdbath Solar Water Feature

  • Manufacturer: Uk Water Features
  • Cost: Premium
  • Solar powered birdbath water fountain
  • Features a family of brightly coloured ducks sheltered under an umbrella
  • Hear the relaxing sound of running water
  • No running costs!
  • Weight: 12Kg
  • Material: Resin
  • Height: 84cm ( 34-inch )
  • Diameter: 48cm ( 19-inch )
  • Shallow depth dish
  • This quaint bird bath features a number of brightly coloured ducks sheltering under an umbrella. It is made of resin with a bronze-effect finish, comes in at a relatively weighty 12 kg and features a solar powered pump which pumps water to the top of the umbrella and cascades it into the bird bath below, creating a placid atmosphere anywhere in your garden.

    One drawback with this product is that the manufacturer recommends that the item is stored indoors or inside a garage during frosty weather, or covered with a frost protector. The bath is easy to assemble and the pump works with the slightest direct sunlight, even during the winter period.

    Verdigris Solar Garden Bird Bath and Planter

  • Manufacture: Coopers of Storford
  • Cost:Low
  • Material: polyurethane, UV stabilised
  • Height: 95cm ( 37-inch )
  • Diameter: 43cm ( 17-inch )
  • Solar lantern switches on at dusk
  • Upper feeding platform perfect for attracting wild hungry birds
  • At the base is a planter which can be set with your favourite plants
  • classic verdigris finish
  • This bird bath incorporates three main features: a shallow bird bath, a planter and a decorative solar light ( switches on at twilight, giving up to eight hours of light.) It is polyurethane based, ultraviolet stabilised, weather-resistant with a classic verdigris finish.

    Although this is a pretty inexpensive product considering its multi functionality, number of purchasers have mentioned that it is tricky to put together. Perhaps you should steer clear if construction puzzles are not to your liking. The bath also needs stabilising with pegs at its base to prevent it falling over in high winds.