Best Lawn Mowers for Small Gardens

Most lawns in the UK are of the postage stamp variety, so you need to ask yourself the question of how large a mower you really need. If you want to buy a lawn mower for a small garden then you have come to the right place. There are so many different brands of lawn mower available and each lawn mower can have so many different features that making the decision of which to buy is not an easy one.  The guide that follows will help you to choose the best product for your small garden:-

So before we dig down into the nitty-gritty of considering the merits of each lawn mower, it is probably a good idea if we take a general look at the types of mower that are available to us. There are essentially four designs of lawn mower, and they are as follows:-

Cylinder Lawn Mowers

cylinder lawn mower or reel mower has up to twelve exposed blades at the front that rotate, trapping and slicing the grass against a fixed bottom plate – a little bit like the action of a pair of scissors. In general terms, the more blades you have, the better the cut. A grass box usually sits at the front.

The negative of this system is that it will not work if your lawn has long grass. You will need to cut the lawn once or twice a week depending on how quick your grass grows. If you like short cut grass all year long then this type of mower might be appropriate.

Hover Lawn Mowers

This type of mower is essentially a rotary mower that sits on a cushion of air just above the grass, a bit like a hovercraft. These mowers are generally lightweight, easy to manoeuver and very easy to push.

Rotary Lawn Mowers

Rotary lawnmowers are generally the best choice for most people as they are the most versatile. They are able to cope with lawns ranging from very rough areas of grass to sloping banks. This cutting system uses blades that rotate horizontally. If you are not interested in keeping your lawn in absolutely pristine condition all the year round then a rotary mower may be suitable.

Cordless Lawn mowers

With technological advances, lithium-ion batteries are becoming more efficient and less costly. They are less powerful than using other sources of energy ( petrol and electric)  for instance, but if your lawn is of a small or medium-sized and relatively flat, cordless mowers can be a boon. No more lugging around annoying cables or messy filling of petrol tanks. Extremely tough and long lawns will probably not be handled well with these power sources, so I am afraid that if you have one of these lawns you will just have to grin and bear it.


The following 5 lawn mowers are recommended for smallish lawns:-

Einhell Manual Hand Push Lawnmower 


Manufacturer: Einhell
Cutting width: 30cm
Cutting heights: 15-42mm
5 robust steel blades
16-litre collection bag
weight: 7.44 Kg
2-year warranty

The Einhell hand push lawn mower is recommended for lawns of up to 150 sq m according to the manufacturer. It is a mower which utilises a cylinder arrangement comprising 5 strong steel blades. Wide wheels and no electricity or petrol consumption makes this mower very environmentally friendly for those so interested.

If you are using this mower on a small lawn, the 16-litre grass cuttings collection bag should be more than sufficient. The cutting height of the blades is infinitely adjustable between 15 to 42mm, so you can see that this mower is for people who wish to see their lawn mowed to perfection. Like all cylinder mowers, this is not suitable for lawns with high grass. Overall, a great mower for small lawns but some customers note that the grass box is not the most robust and a little bit too flexible.

Spear & Jackson Electric Cylinder Lawnmower 


Manufacturer: Spear & Jackson
Cutting width: 32cm
4 diamond-ground cylinder blades
Cutting heights: 1.8cm to 3.8cm
Can be folded horizontally
400w motor
23-litre collection bag
Front and rear rollers
Extra-long 12m electric cable

The Spear & Jackson electric cylinder mower is recommended for small to medium sized lawns. It boasts 4 diamond-ground cylinder blades and its front and rear rollers should ensure that your garden has that professional looking striped finish. A 12m electric cable should be more than adequate for those with compact-sized lawns.

The whole thing can be folded horizontally and is relatively lightweight enabling easy storage. It has a roomy 23-litre collection bin, 3 cut heights and a soft grip, ergonomic power handle offering improved comfort and grip. This mower is best suited for smallish, flat lawns and on these, in particular, gives a great professional finish.



Bosch Rotak 32R Electric Rotary Lawnmower

Manufacturer: Bosch
1200w motor
Weight: 6.8Kg
Cut height: 20-60mm
31-litre grass box
Hardened steel blade
Cable length: 10m
2-year guarantee

The Bosch electric rotary lawn mower has a 32 cm cutting width and is ideal for those with small gardens as it is very lightweight, coming in at only around 7kg. With its powerful 1200w “powerdrive” motor, long and tough grass is cut with ease. Innovative grass combs allow the mower to easily cut up to and over the edge of your lawn providing neat and tidy results.

The mower cut height can be adjusted from 2cm to 6cmm, and its cutting edge precision ensures that few mown grass cuttings are left behind. A cable length of 10m should be adequate for most small gardens. Overall, this is a great lawn mower, reasonably priced and with virtually no bad reviews from purchasers.


Ryobi Cordless ONE+ Rotary Lawn Mower, 18 V


Manufacturer: Ryobi
Cutting width: 33cm
35-litre collection bag
Cutting height: 25-65mm
Battery and charger not included

The Ryobi One+ rotary lawn mower is known as a zero tool. A zero tool is one of a selection of tools by Ryobi that is compatible with the 18 V ONE+ battery. It is a great little system that means you do not need to have a plethora of batteries and chargers cluttering up your valuable garden shed space. But to take advantage of the system you must buy a selection of Ryobi’s tools: you may or may not wish to utilise this option.

Now on to the mower.  The reason you arrived at this page is presumably because you wanted to purchase a lawn mower that is well-suited for your small garden.  The problem with cordless mowers is that the battery charge does not last too long, especially with really tough lawns. I would recommend this mower for small, flattish lawns. If you keep your lawn in reasonable shape all your round, the Ryobi cordless works well. It comes with a 35-litre collection bag, but you will need to purchase the battery and charger separately.


Charles Bentley Electric Hover Mower 

Manufacturer: Charles Bentley
Cutting width: 28cm
Cutting height: 10-20mm
1000w motor
Weight: 4.7Kg
Plastic blades
Cable length: 6m

Our last review concerns the Charles Bentley electric hover mower. This is the only hover mower we review. Hover mowers are not in vogue these days as they do leave us with a whole lot of messy grass cuttings to rake up. This little number is here for its sheer lightness ( 4.7Kg) and easy manipulation and because small gardens leave fewer annoying grass cuttings to clean up.

Even though it is a bottom of the range mower, it should still do a great job for those of us with bijou little lawns. Floating on a cushion of air, its tiny footprint should mow in the tiniest of spaces. Although the mower’s blades are made of plastic and it comes with a relatively short cable length (6m), most purchasers are happy with the product.