Reviews of the Best Bird Feeding Stations

There is nothing more rewarding than looking through the window, no matter what the season, and watching the birds go about their morning and evening rituals. If the sight of
blackbirds, starlings, sparrows, great tits, blue tits, robins and many other British birds besides pleases you then you need to put some effort into attracting them into your garden. The only sure-fire way to draw birds to your garden is by offering them food. To coin a phrase, continually provide the eats and they will come and come again.

A bird feeding station is a device ( a sturdy metal pole rigidly affixed to the ground with lateral branches and hooks ) which facilitates the hanging of bird feeders. Bird feeders come in many types and in all shapes and sizes, but if you want a ready-made bird feeding station with all the bird feeders included, the Chapelwood Bird Station featured below is a great buy:-

Chapelwood Complete Dining Station with Feeders

Manufacturer: Chapelwood
A great garden centrepiece for wild birds.
High-quality, screw together steel poles.
four way head, water dish, mesh tray and two feeding hooks
Includes four click top bird feeders: Peanut, seed, niger seed and suet ball
Height (before planting): 2.5 m
Weight: 3.5Kg

If you want an easy to put together ready-made bird feeding station with multiple bird feeders and no fuss then the Chapelwood Bird Station could be custom-made for you. You do not need to be an expert engineer to put the thing together – a seven-year old child could do it. So, if you have a seven-year old, you are in business.

It has four heads to cover all types of seed feeder, and should you wish to replace these feeders with other types of feeder ( four ports for example ) then this should be no problem. It has two feeding hooks, a mesh feeding tray and a water tray. A third feeding hook is included should you decide to add a suet treat for example. Note: the bird feeders included are not of the best heavy duty variety according to some buyers.

The whole apparatus can be secured to the ground using a variety of methods. You can use concrete to anchor it to the ground if you wish, or you could use a Chapelwood Stabiliser. The stabiliser simply fixes into the ground with four sturdy prongs ( see more on this below.) Another accessory for the Chapelwood Station is the Chapelwood Dome custom-made to repel squirrels ( again, see more on this below.)


Chapelwood Dome


Manufacturer: Chapelwood
Squirrel repellent
Can also be used as a cover or feeding shelter
UV stabilised polycarbonate dome
Supplied with attaching mechanisms
Use in conjunction with Chapelwood’s range of dining stations, 22 mm feeder pole kits and most hanging feeders

So you have just bought the Chapelwood Bird Feeding Station but those pesky squirrels are having a field day with it – they get more food from it than the birds you want to attract. Those birds depend on you and you do not want to disappoint. The Chapelwood Dome is just what it says it is, a dome made from polycarbonate material, resistant to the damaging effects of ultraviolet light, that is placed on the feeder pole to prevent squirrel ingress. Just look at the image above. That squirrel is getting no bird seed today!

The dome should be placed at a sufficient height ( around 1.4m ) from the ground to prevent the squirrel from access to the pole by jumping above it. Also, make sure that the feeding station is sufficiently far away from fences, trees, bird tables e.t.c, to prevent any squirrels from jumping from them to any point above the dome.


Chapelwood Stabiliser

Manufacturer: Chapelwood
Provide stability to your Chapelwood dining station
High-quality steel manufacture
Four stabilising prongs designed to sit in the ground
Balances the pole to prevent any swaying
Compatible with all Chapelwood dining stations
Internal Dimension: 22mm

Now that you have your Chapelwood dining station, giving all the neighbourhood birds a selection of treats from one central location, you need to make sure that the main pole is stable enough. The Chapelwood dining station stabiliser makes these sturdy multi-purpose feeding poles even more reliable, by fixing them assuredly, preventing swaying or slipping within the ground.

These stabilisers keep your dining station pole secure in fine or uneven soil. They are made from four prongs four prongs of high-quality strong stainless steelĀ and can be easily affixed to the dining station pole during set-up. This stabiliser is compatible with all Chapelwood dining stations, and can be used with other makes of dining stations – just check the dimensions.


Tom Chambers Grand Bird Station



Manufacturer: Tom Chambers
Superb heavyweight Bird Station
Heavy gauge pole, brackets and accessories ( seed tray, water dish and extra hook )
Note: Cannot be used with Bird Station Patio Stand
Pole: 38mm gauge
Height (above ground): 2.3 m
Weight: 7kg

The Tom Chambers bird feeding station is one of the most elegant bird stations you can buy. Its sheer beauty will make it the centrepiece of any garden, attracting wild birds from all around into the bargain. This bird station is definitely at the premium end of the market, but you may feel that it is a purchase well worth the outlay. This sturdy feeding station will last years, so it is money well spent.

The Tom Chambers station has a very heavy 38mm gauge pole ( this is no flimsy product ) which is one reason why it is described as Grand. The pole is fixed into the ground using a double stabiliser foot ( 4 prongs in total ), so the purchase of a stabiliser ( bought separately with the above Chapelwood station ) is not needed. This provides even more stability, making the Tom Chambers station one of the most sturdy Bird Feeding Stations on the market.

This station comes with 4 hooks to hang bird feeders ( bird feeders not included ) and an additional one for a suet ball treat. It also comes with an extra large Seed tray and a water dish. If squirrels are a problem in your garden, I suggest that you buy some squirrel proof bird feeders. The Tom Chambers bird feeding station, as far as I know, does not have a squirrel dome available for purchase. The Chapelwood dome seen further up the page is incompatible with this product.



Gardman Complete Feeding Station Kit with 4 Feeders

Manufacturer: Gardman
Four hooks + extra one
Peanut feeder. Two seed feeders. Suet feast feeder. Bird bath support ring. Bird bath. Feeder tray
Pole: 25.5mm
Weight: 2.6Kg
Height: 2.26m

The Gardman Complete Feeding Station Kit is another complete solution to attracting the birds in that it contains a four hooked feeding station ( with an extra hook included ) a bird bath and feeder tray. It has a heavy duty pole ( 25.5mm ) with a decorative finial.

Some purchasers have mentioned that the feeders included are not of the best heavy duty variety. The station does not come with a stabiliser and the feeders included are not squirrel proof, so if you want to make it squirrel proofyou could buy the Gardman squirrel baffle.

Reflections on Featured Bird Stations

On this page I have recommended three bird feeding stations, a Chapelwood complete dining station, a Gardman complete dining station and a Tom Chambers Grand Bird Station. The Chapelwood and
Gardman stations are essentially similar in that the purchase of extra bird feeders is not required, but you may feel the need to buy a stabiliser and a squirrel baffle ( should you have a squirrel problem ) with these stations. The bird feeders included with theseĀ purchases are not of the heavy duty variety.

You may feel that the Tom Chambers Grand station is the best buy as it comes with a ready-made stabiliser and you can choose whichever bird feeders you should so desire. If you have a squirrel
problem then the feeders could be of the squirrel proof variety. The Tom Chambers station is certainly of a more aesthetic design and I suppose the final look of your garden centrepiece is very much up to you. There you have it, the choice is yours.

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